This event has been organized by the following people:

Omar Bermudez
Creator of Happiness-Change Artist-People Wiz. Transformational Journeys – Leadership – Empowering – Living stormily, trying to give more than I take!
Glenn Waters
Glenn Waters
Husband, dad, agile coach, software architect, avid cook. Helping organizations grow with agility!
Ann-Marie Kong
Ann-Marie Kong
Creative catalyst, passionate about sharing love & joy, learning & evolving, growing communities, application of lean & agile practices and mindfulness. Enjoys yoga, Zumba, hiking, drumming, volunteering, reading and playing.
Mike Bowler
Mike Bowler
Gargoyle Software
Mike is a coach and trainer who helps IT teams improve the way they work. He blends his strong technical background with a deep understanding of Agile and Lean methods to help teams consistently improve how they deliver value to their customers.Recognizing that all software is written and maintained by people, Mike also has a keen interest in the neuroscience of how people work, both individually and in teams. He writes about that at Unconscious Agile.
Joanne Stone  

Joanne is an agile coach and leader that helps teams and leaders create environments where they can be passionate, driven, continuous learners that love coming to work and creating great products together.  She leads by example and brings her passion, laughter, and drive to any of her engagements! #bestjobever

Marlene Ziobrowski
Coach & scrum master, farmer & beekeeper, writer & ecstatic dance DJ, unfolder of possibilities both organizational & personal
Mike Kaufman



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