Play4Agile North America is a community unconference focused on helping people, teams & organisations to transform through games and playful approaches. Talking about us? Please tag it with #p4ana17

Welcome to Play4Agile North America

Thanks for joining this year. Look for us again in the fall of 2018

What is it?

Play4Agile North America has been running annually since 2015 and is our version of the amazing Play4Agile conference which has been running in Germany for much longer. It’s a weekend full of playful approaches to agile.

On Friday afternoon, we will have a workshop on a topic to inspire and lead us into the rest of the weekend. In 2017, our workshop was led by Thiagi, who is internationally renowned for his use of games and play in teaching.

Then all day Saturday and half of Sunday we will run an open space where participants bring the topics they want to discuss. In past years, we’ve had people create games on the fly and others who have brought games they wanted to play-test and others who just wanted to discuss how to use playful techniques.

In the evenings, we tend to play more games and have great conversations. There will be much laughter and learning and a good time to be had by all.

Other notes

The price includes registration for the event, accommodations Friday and Saturday nights and all meals. It does not include charges in the bar or transportation to/from the event.

If you’re talking about us on social media then please use the hashtag #p4ana

Photos of last years event can be found on our social media sites:

Video from our 2016 event




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