Welcome to Play4Agile North America

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2018 event, possibly the best one we’ve had so far. Our next event will be in the fall of 2019 (probably September) and will be announced when we finalize location and dates.

What do you get with your ticket? The one ticket price includes three nights at the comfortable Nav Centre plus all meals (excluding alcohol) from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch.

What’s the difference between single and double rooms?

  • A single is simply a room with one bed and and a bathroom, as you would find in any hotel.
  • A double is two rooms, each with its own bed, and a bathroom. There is typically a doorway between the two bedrooms but without a door so somewhat limited privacy. If you select a double room then we will ask you who you’d like to room with. Note that the price for a double is for one of the occupants only

What is Play4Agile North America?

Play4Agile North America is similar to an Agile Coach Camp, with more focus on playful approaches to how we approach Agile.

On Thursday afternoon, we will have a workshop to inspire and lead us into the rest of the weekend. We’ll post this years topic when it’s been finalized.

All day Friday and Saturday and half of Sunday we will run an open space where participants bring the topics they want to discuss. In past years, we’ve had people create games on the fly and others who have brought games they wanted to play-test and others who just wanted to discuss how to use playful techniques.

In the evenings, we tend to play more games and have great conversations. There will be much laughter and learning and a good time to be had by all.

Our open space facilitators

EllenfromTACEllen Grove is an Agile coach, trainer, and organizational change agent with Agile Partnership. Based in Ottawa Canada, Ellen works with organizations of all sizes around the globe to help them put Agile thinking and being into action. Open Space and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY are her favourite facilitation approaches for getting people to talk with each other about the things that matter so that they can do great work together. Ellen is a serial organizer of Agile events locally and internationally, and she presents frequently at Agile conferences in Canada and abroad sharing ways to use playful approaches to do serious work.

gitte_2018-1Gitte Klitgaard is quite active in the software community, speaking at and organising (un)conferences. Her focus is on agile and she has a huge interest in the people aspects: communication, listening and creating a safe space for people to be themselves. She believes in and helps teams to find joy and purpose at work.


Who is coming and why?

Who is behind Play4Agile North America?

Other notes

If you’re talking about us on social media then please use the hashtag #p4ana

An activity from 2017: Keep the balloon aloft.

Video from our 2016 event


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