Who is coming?

  1. Alan Chiang Systems Thinking, Kanban, and team Dynamics activities
  2. Aleem Khan Passionate about agile and would like to share Toyota Kata approach of continuous Improvement at Play4Agile
  3. Ana Lobo I’m learning the power of play to tap into the creative side of teams and develop stronger relationships within a team.
  4. Andy Nguyen Have fun and safe space
  5. Ann Gabatin Last two years was great.
  6. Ann-Marie Kong To connect, learn and play test new game
  7. Anuka Bidhani Learning new technics to ease the change
  8. Barbara Schultz looking to network with other Agiliists and to learn new games and techniques a
  9. Carl Nanders Explore the idea of games as a way to work together more productively
  10. Csaba Bereczki Meet other likeminded people, see friends, try some games and show some games
  11. Damon Poole Agile Coach and entreprenuer. Always looking for new and playful ways to impart knowledge, experience, and skills in myself and others.
  12. David Bujard I love bringing agile concepts to life for teams and students through play and experiential learning. I look forward to finding games and techniques I can reuse, and sharing what I’ve created and adapted.
  13. David Rico Learn more about activities for building teamwork, trust, communications, and cooperation …
  14. difei dong I am passionate to learn from other Agile process addicts
  15. Edmund Strange Hope to learn more to get better at games with my future clients
  16. Edwin Cardoso Use games to develop deep discussion with my teams and stakeholders.
  17. Ellen Grove To have fun
  18. Francis Blondeau Hello world
  19. Gael Rebmann I create Agile games and and look forward to sharing and learning.
  20. Genevieve Lemay Learn about Agile teams and using meaningful games to teach and improve teams
  21. Gillian Lee Share experiences and learn new facilitation skills
  22. Gitte Klitgaard To have fun
  23. Glenn Marshall Agile Advocate and life long learner
  24. Glenn Waters To connect with the community on how they are using play to help people learn
  25. Harry Packlick Re-connect with coaches, re-energize, inspire and be inspired
  26. James Shew I’m a former developer and now agile coach looking for interesting new ideas and techniques to use with teams and management.
  27. Jeff Kosciejew Share, learn, have fun, play test some new ideas!
  28. Jerilyn Edginton Great games and new concepts, esp games for executives.
  29. Joanne Stone Fun explorer … always looking for activities that I can share with my teams and leaders that are fun, educational and help connect people together.
  30. John Tobin Games I can use to educate teams.
  31. Karen Chan I’m an Agile Coach with TD
  32. Karen Ruby Agile Coach techniques and networking
  33. Karine Yviquel I’m a Scrum Master and I hope to discover new tools for my teams.
  34. Katharina Wirtz Hi, I joines the Play4Agile in Germany and enjoyed it a lot. I am an agile coach, doing scrum cooking events and love playing. I want to introduce my 20 years old sun to the agile community. So i take him along.
  35. Leila Rao love to experiment with games; looking forward to being inspired and invigorated by this amazing community
  36. Leslie Stone Aspiring Scrum Master looking to gain more agile knowledge and practical experience.
  37. Lisa Cooney I am an Agile Coach and an instructional designer and I love to learn, to teach, and to facilitate learning in others through any means that make sense.
  38. Luc St-Laurent Experience / Games
  39. Mara Svenne Facilitator; love games; want to play ticket to ride again!
  40. Marlene Ziobrowski Coach and scrum master at HOOPP
    I love serious good fun.
    Looking forward to playing with my friends and meeting new friends
  41. Mateo Novales-Flamarique Facilitator.
    Interested in exploring and testing game ideas with others, all whilst having some fun
  42. Michael Silvi I’d like to share my consulting experiences and learn from others about how to use games to foster collaborative work that ultimately creates outcomes for people
  43. Mike Bowler I use lots of games and simulations to teach. I’ll have games to show and want to learn what others are doing.
  44. Mike Kaufman Reconnect with my tribe, continue on game development, learn new games for teams and leaders.
  45. Murali Baini Budding scrum master trying to learn new techniques and facilitation skills. Looking forward to build network with peers in agile community.
  46. Neha Thaker Interact & network with like minded professionals, learn new tools/tips, enhance skills which I can bring into my team, collaborate & share.
  47. Noel Dhiraj Looking forward to learn new techniques and practices to help teams transition to Agile. Also, looking forward to exploring games which can be used to teach Kanban.
  48. Olivier Tatiotsop I’m a Scrum Master, looking forward to socializing and sharing experience with other agile practitioners.
  49. Patricia Lynch coaching is my career goal and I look forward to this great event!
  50. Paul Boos I’m looking to see what new games have been thought for helping people actually do work in a fun way. I also have run across a board game (Code Triage) I think that can show lean concepts/thinking in a way that people can easily relate to…I also plan to bring Container for the evening and explore how it can help us understand how to train people on Causal Loops.
  51. Pierre Paul Provost To learn new teams building synergies
  52. Puneet Randhawa Tester by profession, getting increasingly interested in agile and lean practices. Want to learn and connect with the community. Hopefully apply the learning to my team
  53. Saif ul Haq I am a Project Manager and Scrum Master leading software projects for Rogers/Fido and also part of their Agile transformation initiativeI am trying to learn how to effectively customize Scrum to fit into the orthodox organizations and to successfully transform (not disrupt by brute force) the clients’ organizations and to excite and educate them about Agile
  54. Sanaz Sadooghi Learning new games & ways to engage team.
  55. Saya Sone Learning
  56. Seva Waters I am a high school science teacher and I also teach meditation. I want to experience the style of teamwork offered and share anything from my experiences that comes up to be shared
  57. Stacey Vetzal I am an Agile Technical Practices Coach and crave community connections! I’d love to host some technical sessions again this year, and I want to catch up with what all my peers are up to!
  58. Sundar Muthukrishnan I love games and would like to play and create new ones. network with agile practitioners
  59. Sundeep Dhillon Learn, have fun and meet new friends
  60. Tarek Raafat TBD
  61. Tom Sommerville I’m a contract Agile Coach, currently engaged at a major financial institution. I’ll be returning to P4ANA to learn stuff, play some games, and network, network, network
  62. Vijay Seelam to learn and share new games/ideas
  63. Wirtz Wirtz Hi,
    my mother was so enthusiastic about play4agile in Germany, so she wants me to experience. I want to see the athomosphere and learn from the people.
  64. Yasmeen Baig Learn from peers.
  65. Yves Pelletier Looking for inspirational games to familiarize team memebers new to agile