Why I am coming to Play4Agile North America

Bruce Scharlau, who teaches in the Computer Science department at the University of Aberdeen, has attended several Play4Agile conferences.  Bruce will be making the trek to Schomberg from Scotland to join us for Play4Agile in North America. In 2014, he wrote his Play4Agile Story to share what Play4Agile has meant to him:

I keep coming back because of the fun and the learning with these wonderful people in such a playful environment. And it’s good fun as there’s always something that I take home and use whether it be an idea, or games to use, or a better understanding of coaching and facilitation. I wrote about p4a2013 already.

  • How did Play4Agile make a difference in your life, your work and/or your community?

The takeaways of bringing in fun and games into the workplace and my teaching. This has helped make work more fun and keeps bringing new challenges because I’ve learned to keep moving out of my comfort zone as that’s where the magic is according to Pete’s drawing from last year.

We asked Bruce to say a few words about why he’ll be joining us for Play4Agile North America:

I’m coming to Canada to help get the North America edition off to a good start by making sure enough the the ‘Ruckersbach Spirit’ is there to see people have fun while learning. I also think that as a number of people regularly coming from NA to Europe, it’s only fair that some of us return the favour if we can, and hope that more people will be coming too from this side of the pond.

The main reason though is that as p4a is the one conference I would give up last of the different conferences I go to. It is consistently the most useful for me both professionally and personally due to the ideas I get to share with others, and which I am able to bring home and use on a regular basis. With p4a_na providing another chance for a similar type of learning and sharing taking place, how could I not take part? I’m really looking forward to the event. I also hear that Glenn is in charge of the kitchen during the conference, and given his reputation as a chef, that sealed the deal for me 🙂

Many Play4Agile attendees agree with Bruce that it’s the one conference we would give up last because it is consistently the most useful to us for both professional and personal development.  Will you join us?


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