Why am I coming to Play4Agile North America?

I look forward to coming to Play4Agile NA for the following reasons:

  • I enjoy un-conferences where I bring my passion and ideas; and own the responsibility for my own learning.  I attended my 1st un-conference, Agile Open Toronto in April 2010 and have been hooked ever since.  For an introvert like myself, it has opened me up as a person.
  • It is a safe place where I get to connect with existing connections and I get to make new connections. The conversations I have with the other participants are real, natural and authentic. For an introvert like myself, I have the courage to share my vulnerability, as I am able to speak up freely and let myself be seen.  I am grateful to be part of a community that supports me and helps me to have the courage to freely share the whole me.
  • At Scrum Gathering Las Vegas in 2013, I experienced Agile Super Powers and discovered my purpose in life is playfulness. I inherently knew play as a child and somewhere along the line, I lost my sense of play. In 2014, I took Brene’s Brown’s virtual course, based on her book, “Gifts of Imperfections”, where I learned about Stuart Brown’s 7 properties of play:
    • apparently purposeless
    • voluntary – free will, not a “to do”
    • inherent attraction – “delights the soul”
    • freedom from time – “No deadlines”, “Be present”
    • diminished consciousness of self – “I am free to be me”
    • improvisational potential – “spontaneous”, “”play hooky”, “yes and …”
    • continuation desire – “I don’t want to stop”

Since then I have given myself permission to play because when I play, I am joyful and it naturally brings out the best in myself and in others with whom I play.  Play brings out my creativity and the creativity of others, which combined together co-creates magic.

  • There is an element of serendipity that exist at un-conferences like Play4Agile NA, which I have learned to embrace. Each un-conference is unique and I have learned and experienced something new at each un-conference, which has enrichened me as a person.
  • I get the opportunity to get out of my element and have fun!

Un-conferences are magical “you have to be there” experiences and combining it with play makes it a totally awesome “you don’t want to miss” experience! Why not come to Play4Agile NA and see if the above rings true for you as well?


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